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Made a good decision!



I set up a fill appointment last week for Sept 25th. When I called, I got the impression she was suprised that I was calling so soon.....again. (I felt that way the last time I called for an apt.) I've had a fill every month for the last well soon to be 4 months. Which has it's ups and downs. June, July, August, and this next apt! Ugh!

Last week I was on the fence about the fill. Weavering a bit. Is this fill good, do I need to work the band more....?? Turns out, I do need a fill. TOM danced in Saturday eve....by Sept 25th I will be normal, and ready for the fill. (Many of us tighten up during that time.)

Right after each of my fills, I found it difficult if not plain impossible to night eat.... This is so awesome! I love it when there is no way in heck I can eat at night. This is exactly what I am paying for, "forced behavior modification." I learn good and fast....two thumbs up. I want restriction to work for me, and I want to do my part and feed my body fuel, not crap, and not overloading it. The two go hand in hand. We work for each other.

When go in for a fill, I will ask for the saline to be taken out so I can have an acurrate account of what is in the band. Then the new fill can be added on top of that. I am going to ask Emily to tilt the table upward to more of an upright postion before I drink the barium as well. So far, I have 1.6 cc's after 3 fills. I'd like to hit my sweet spot with this fill, as I have paid $1,200 for the fill portion of this journey. I'd like to have some restriction that sticks! Yes sir'ee!


On another note.....

It's employee appreciation week at work. My lovely boss brought me a muffin in. So, I tested my band and restriction. I was able to eat the entire muffin. Yep, need a fill. In my eyes, I should have at most been able to eat a bite maybe 3. Not the entire muffin and feel no "full button or oh! I need to stop." Some may say I need to work the band, and yes, I see and know that to be true, but on the other hand.....I need to have some restriction!

So fill it is.


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