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Amazed..the scale loves me! Reward



Okay, so after a week of sweets, well really a few weeks of sweets, I was amazed to see myself this morning!

I woke up, and as I walked past the full length mirror in the hallway and thought...."Looking Good Angie!" This week I have laid off the OCD weighing of myself. It's been TOM and employee appriciation at work. Yikes....shivers with fear. At the beginning of TOM, I had stepped on the scale and BAM! 2.5 lbs out of no where! I was bummed, so I decided to let this week work itself out with out without my frienemy the scale reminding me of some extra lug to lug around.

Well, I decided to check out the scale. I seen the 240's! Yay! I weighed in at 249.6! Whoop Whoop! I am hoping to hold on to the 240's! I am soo close to my next goal. 248.9 will mark my 30 lbs down goal met. Super excited! That folks is less than a pound to go!


I am so happy! Yay!

I gave myself a gift today. It is a lovely softer than soft robe made of micro chenille. It's an extra large. I tried it on this morning. It doesn't quite fit right. To small, but it gives me something to make another goal out of. I love this robe, and it is a great way to celebrate my weight loss. My son loves it to, so I am guarenteed to get snuggles! Double win!



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