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Getting a Grip!



Well, as you may have read, I have been struggling to “Get a Grip” on the sweets. One indulgence and …. Off the deep end I dive! It’s like I have no self control over my impulses all over again. I can intend on making good choices, and then I see a tray of cookies and ADD takes over. My thoughts go to ….ooooo cookies. Yum, yum, yum, yum….ahh crud! Opps, I did it again. (play Brittney Spears song here.)


So, since I have not been able to curb my impulses, I really need to try something different. I am going to add a snack in my diet. Today, I had my coffee, followed by my supplements. I guess that is considered breakfast. Lame, I know, but it is what it is. My mid morning snack was greek yogurt. We are having hoagie sandwiches for lunch. I am going to eat the meat and veggies, leaving the bread. Mid afternoon snack, will be pudding. Dinner is a TBD.

I think I am not eating enough during the day, which makes me more likely to binge at any chance I get. My new theory is, if I am satisfied, I won’t dive off the deep end. So, I am going to see if this will help me to get off the sugar/carb kick and back on an even keel again. What I wonder is, how will adding snacks effect my water consumption…..? Trial and error right….?

Some sweet success to share:

I am in my size 20 jeans.

I’ve seen the 240’s again on the scale! 249.6 To be exact!

There are bagels in the conference room, and I have managed to stay away from.

I did have a moment of weakness that was rescued by a meeting being held in that room. This saved me from getting stuck, and a possible PB episode. The “moment” also made me pause and evaluate, why I went for the bagel in the first place. Which lead me to my yummo greek yogurt, that has 15 gm of protein! Yay for the good choice!

I’ve been taking NeoCell all week. Half the recommended dose, so 3 capsules not 6. My skin is beginning to look better. I have also noticed a difference in my hair. It feels softer and looks healthier. (My hair is still falling out, not at an alarming rate, but a noticeable one. Right now, I am slightly bothered by it. I am getting 60 gm of protein a day, sometimes more.)

Today is Friday! Yay!


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