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The number on the scale was 243.6 this morning!



The number on the scale was 243.6 this morning! The liquid phase did jump start my weight loss. I am noticing that this fill has really made an impact.

Adjusting to the fill - Yesterday was a difficult day for eating. I had a non breaded filet of fish for lunch with some salad. Ended up PBing, I was able to continue eating with out incident. For supper, my husband wanted Chinese. My son and I shared, and we ordered 1 pt of combination low main and an egg roll. It was not the best choice. I got stuck right away. I did not eat the outer shell of the egg roll, just the insides. I ended up PBing and did not attempt to continue eating. I thought it best to have a protein shake instead. Thank goodness I had an egg and yogurt for breakfast that went down well. Gesh!

Today, I brought a yogurt for breakfast and a black bean patty for lunch. My plan of action is to chew my food better. Just when you think you are chewing really well, you find out there is still room for improvement. This is the hardest adjustment I’ve had with getting a fill and being able to eat. That being said, I believe this is my sweet spot. If anything, I may find I am a smidgen to tight. Since this is my first week after the fill I am still feeling my way through it.

Lately there has been some chatter on the lapbandforum.com that speaks volumes about being too tight and staying to tight. I would rather learn my lesson from others than learn it first hand. It would be sad to not be able to eat healthy, and have to have an unfill; due to irritation and swelling. I know how much having good restriction has helped me and thinking about no restriction to give my stoma and stomach time to heal…..not a pleasant thought.

I am very pleased with the number the scale shows. In fact, I seem to be loosing very rapidly. I’d rather be slow and steady than fast and furious.


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