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A New All Time Low!



I new from the moment I woke up this morning, I felt skinny! So I made my way to the bathroom and BAM! 237.7! Ta-Da! It feels good to see the decrease in size and number! I feel better, can move easier, breath deeper, and eat less! I feel like a success!

Last night, I was eating supper and I must have taken a "few" bites to many. Something didn't feel right, and I knew I was in for it when I started to get the spits. I was up walking around, and had to make my way to the sink. (I am a sink slimer, PBer that is my first place of choice, second to the trash.) Sure enough, some nasty sounding burps and weird spit, not slime. What da ya know, I got to see my supper twice!? Ewwh! I was embarrased too. My husband was standing in the kitchen with me and HEARD the entire episode. It was so gross. Yet another band lesson, I thought I felt tight when I started eating, and I even thought to myself, how weird it was that I felt tight in the evening. Here's my valuable lesson, I should listen to what my body is telling me, even it it is not usual.

As I creep up in the level of restriction I experience new things. This is the fill that I am noticing a significant change in my band during my period. Note to self, be careful.

This morning my husband was looking at my new all time low on the scale with me. (I say all new low, and I mean this time around....lol) We were talking about what I have been doing to make the scale move. I added a comment with the lovely sarcasim floating out of my mouth, "It helps to PB up supper!" Not funny, but true. That sparked a further conversation into why that is NOT good for me or the band. Skinny at any cost is not where I want to be.

I am not a fan of PB'ing and don't hope to become friends with her anytime soon. She and I well we simply dissagree. I'd like it very much if we could visit less and admire each other from a far.


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