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NSV - Shopping - Walker Tracker Challenge!



NVS! I went shopping this weekend. (Toddler free) I went to good ol’ Walmart. I was on a mission to find a new bra. One that would offer support and the all so important comfort! My current bra size was 44 DD. I walked out with a 42 D! I am so happy about that.

I’ve had set backs with my food intake that I am aware of and I am working on. I want to feel good about the foods I am putting into my body. Changing my food habits is a work in progress. Adding junk food is not something I want to do; going back to focusing on proteins. The fruits and veggies I have increased into the diet have given me gas. I am hoping my system will adjust.

The scale has gone back up reflecting my poor food choices, and I want to get that to turn

back around. I am a work in progress. I feel great, and successful. The Angie make over is in progress. The excitement is there I can build on the good choices and feel better and better!

I am working on getting back out of the 240 range. I have a check up this week on Friday. It will be good to check in and stay in touch. One thing I have heard, read, and listened to people say is stay connected. The people who stay connected loose more weight.

Oh, and on a side note. If you have a pedometer or want to buy a pedometer, please feel free to join me on Walkertracker.com. My user name is AngieB. If you sign up, message me so we can be comrades. I’ve created a group; I believe I named it “Let’s Get Moving.” I would love to add you to the group.

For me, wearing a pedometer has put my activity in the front of my mind, which helps me to get up and MOVE!! I’ve really enjoyed it so far. The computer set my goal to 6000 steps a day. I will evaluate my goal at the end of the month and adjust to challenge myself. I set at a desk most of the day so getting my steps in I have to be creative. I do get moving even at the office. I go to the printer for each print job instead of letting them pile up. I take the long way back to my office, do the stairs many more times a day than I would before. Those are simple ways I can improve my activity! Oh, I’ve also added a walk into my lunch time and I dance and get moving with my son every night. (He loves this!)

I did my Thanksgiving shopping over the weekend. I have a few items to pick up, but for the most part the bulk of the shopping is taken care of! Looking forward to the holiday, as I have so much to be thankful for!

I hope you are well, thanks for reading my blog! ((HUGS))


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