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Two days until first fill



Hey everybody. I go for my first fill in two days at the Fill Center USA located in Mount Laurel New Jersey. It is two hours away from me, but it is easier for me to get there than to fly back to TJ. I haven't been doing as well as I wanted to. I have been stressed about a lot of stuff ie: trying to find a job, I graduated in May but can't seem to find anything...stupid recession. Anyways I haven't gained any weight, but I haven't lost any either. I'm holding steady at 224. Some mornings when I haven't eaten much it goes down to like 214, but I know its a lie so I don't even bother getting excited. I'm not eating as much as I used to but I'm not making the best food choices either. On a good note I ate very well today, AND I worked out. I did a 45 minute tape called TurboJam created by Chelene Johnson, you may have seen the infomercial. I highly recommend her. The music is great and she is super upbeat, and she really motivates me. Alright everyone have a good day, I will update you on how my fill goes on Friday. Bye.


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