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First Fill



Hey Band mates, I had my first fill yesterday. I am very happy with the results so far. I had it done at Fill Centers USA in Mount Laurel New Jersey with Dr. Lee. He put 4.8 cc's in my 11cc band. The center is two hours away by car, but of course my car is giving me trouble, I didn’t want to chance it, so I had to take public transportation. I took the subway to Time Square, and then went to the Port Authority Station to get a Greyhound bus. The bus took about an hour and a half to get there, so I actually got there early. From there I had to get a cab to the actual center. The outside of the building looked really horrible I have to admit. It was dingy and dirty, but it was really nice and clean in the inside, I was the only one there so Dr. Lee started everything, even though I was about and hour early. He was very thorough with everything. He explained what I could and could not eat with the band, and all that stuff. Pretty much what we already know about the band. I really like that he want over everything and it wasn't rushed. He had me lay down on the examination table, and he started checking for the band. He poked around and it hurt like hell. The port was deeper than normal so he had to press really hard to get to the band. And he had to poke the needle in a couple of times, then he stopped because I was screaming so hard, he was like tell me when to start again. He asked me if I wanted him to continue, I was like yes. No pain no gain, right. He finally got the needle in and put in 5cc's. I asked he what was the normal amount that usually gets put into a band my size, he said it depends, anywhere from 2 to 7 cc's. He had me drink water to see how quickly it goes down. It was taking a long time, I really wanted to keep the 5cc's so that I would have as much restriction as possible but it was obvious to both Dr. Lee and me that that was too much. He took out .2 cc's and the water immediately started going down faster. I didn't do it under Floro as you may have figured out by now. I don't think it is necessary, and it is much cheaper for me to not have Floro the first time and then do it on subsequent trips. I think I will have great restriction with this fill. I am on liquids now, tomorrow I will be able to have solids, Dr. Lee said I should start out with mushies first, then have full solids. I am happy with the experience so far, I was really excited after it was done, I know that a lot of people who read this might be up in arms about the fact that I didn’t have Floro, but it was a personal decision. The staff at the OCC stress getting Floro, and I might get it next time, or not depending on how I feel. Thank You for reading, please feel free to comment. Bye.


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Odette - I say do what is best for you. You are the owner of the band, it is yours to take care of. That mean making the decisions you need and want for you. Pretty cool huh! Personally, I do my fills under floro. (I am not sure if they would do it with out floro....) I also think that the first fill is the least important one to have floro on. That is my own opinion.

At one time I really investigated doing my own fills and buying the supplies. It is WAYYYYY more affordable. I have decided for now, to continue on with the after care I have set up.

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Hey Angie thanks for the comment. I didn't think it would benecessayr to have the first fill under Floro, even thoughit is stressed at the OCC, at the Fill Centers the first fill w/ Floro is $665, w/o Floroit is $ 365. So the choice was clear, lol. The next Fill, which I hope to get soon will be $ 165 w/o and $ 465 with.

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