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Hey bandster buddies. I just wanted to give an update on my progress so far. I am at 217.5 as of this morning. I have been eating much better and going to the gym whenever possible. The weight is coming off slowly but its going down, which is the right direction. As I get closer to 208 pounds, the lowest I have ever been on any diet program, I get more hopeful for my future and success with this band. I feel that Onderland is in site with this surgery, and everyday I am happier and happier that I got it done. I have my second fill scheduled for the 30th of December so hopefully I will have a bit more restriction and the weight will start to come off quicker. Hopefully that will be the last fill that I need. Thanks for reading, Have a blessed day.

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Looking forward to hearing how your second fill goes! Hope it is easier than the first!

Ah onederland....glad to hear you are close to seeing it! Way to go!

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