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Holy Cow Batman!



So, I have hit on my holiday trip.....haven't shared everything cuz it is a bunch of negative stuff.....and believe me i could go on and on and on, just ask Carrie! lol!

Sorry Carrie - but thanks for reading my woes! (not sure you read this blog but if you do...thanks for listening!)

I woke up last night and tries to night eat. Yes, that is right. I have been dealing with a whole lot of unpleasant "stuff" and want to stuff my face to cope. Thank you band! I can rarely night eat anymore. Matter of fact, I have for the most part been freed of my obsession to eat at night. Which is one of the MANY gifts this band has given me. Uttt oh... I feel a mini rant coming on. LOL You know how people say " the band is JUST a too?l" Well to me, it is not "just a tool" for me this band is much more than that. I want to give credit where credit is due. For me, this band has broken the bonds that have held me tight for years. It has given me freedom to the slavery of food and has provided me with so very much. I can walk away from foods that I was unable to before. Heck the very fact that if I taste something and it doesn't hit the spot, I can put the food down and try something else or not eat it period is nothing short of amazing! Before I guess you could have called me a goat. I would have eaten foods that didn't taste great. Food that were sub par were fine with me. Hmmm well that has surely changed. For me this band is a tool. Not "just" a tool. It is my main tool. It is the heavy lifter for me. It has set limits to the limitless, boundries to the boundless. To me the band is so much more than a tool.

Yes, I have changed a lot. Yes I have to work hard....but the band does to. It job is to teach me all over again how to eat. Now that is a tough job if you ask me. I am/was one hard cookie!

Now, where was I. LOL I woke up this morning and my band was so tight I got choked up while swallowing a pill. Oh my goodness! I ended up spitting up in the sink. Water! Tighter than tight!

I am wondering where my restriction was the ENTIRE vacation!?? (scratches head) I had not one issue eating anything and had to limit my own intake as far as being full was concerned. I stopped myself before I felt full most of the time because I never got the feeling of being satisfied on the normal amount of food. Weird how this band works. I am not complaining here! Don't get that vibe... I just am amazed at how fickle this band can be!

At anyrate rant over....so yeah....

Glad to be back. Loving the normal around me!


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