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Um...so I have been reluctant to write this for some reason, maybe because I am so disappointed at myself. Well here goes, So if you have been reading my blog the two of you would have realized that I was supposed to get a fill on December 30th and was super excited about it. I haven’t been so excited about anything in a long time; it was like my Christmas present to myself. Well in an effort to make a long story short, I overslept and missed my appointment. I was soooo disappointed at myself, how could I let something so important go. I re-scheduled it for the earliest possible date which is January 13th, but I really wanted that fill. I'm kicking myself in the @ss as we speak. I have absolutely no restriction I even get large amounts of bread down. I will be up at the crack of dawn for my next fill, you better believe that. Anyway thanks for listening to my rant. Have a blessed day.

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