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can somebody please tell me why i'm looking at fast food nutritional facts aka excruciating slow torture??! :(( so i have a thing for wendy's chili..i like to put two of those sour cream thingys in it and eat it like that. i know i'm horrible! but i did resist the urge. so hard.

so at work i'm sitting between two people eating Hawaiian food..not fun :(( ..i wanted some sooooo bad you don't even realize!! :(( i'm surprised i kept my cool so well. then for at least half an hour i was talking to my coworker about our favorite places to eat. how is it that i can talk about food for half an hour?!!! ugh.

i'm kind of annoyed at how some people can lose weight so quickly than others. especially if the two are about the same weight and started around the same time.

well i shouldn't be too upset i mean everybody is different. it depends on lots of other things so i shouldn't get too caught up in numbers. ugh..now i just looked up Hawaiian food places...what is wrong with me?!! i have to get my mind off of this! #-o i think i'm just sleepy. its getting close to my bed time anyway.

tomorrow mario's family is having a reunion and its going to be nothing but puerto rican food for miles! his family from new york is coming so its going to be huge. speaking of mario..him and jake are going to the bahamas in august for their birthdays. of course i can't go ..whatever i'll let those two go holding hands together frolicking about... :rolleyes:

i'm not going anywhere for summer this year and that seriously sucks! ok i have to look at this from the positive side. not going on vaca means i won't be eating like a crazy. also i'll have time to devote to myself. yeah that's right! so i guess this summer is about getting right. everybody can go do their little road trips and bahama cruises all they want! I DON'T CARE. more time for me!!!! 6.gif/biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><' />

i think i'm going to make another ticker tracker thing for a mini weight loss goal. you know like break it up so i'll be like yeah i hit a goal wooo hooo or something like that. but its more for hitting that weight where i'm under a certain weight which i'm aiming for in december on my birthday. it would be the bestest gift i could give myself :)


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