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the puerto rican food was delicious! i basically ate like half a chicken and a piece of cow. then we salsa-ed all night! haha! mario's mom was exhausted because she was dancing with mario. she didn't realize mario can dance and shake it like nobody's business! but i do because me and mario dance like all the time. i can keep up with him because i'm used to it. plus i workout, i'm young, and i have soo much energy. i could dance all night if somebody told me i had to!

i had hit a plateau only losing a lb in one week so i decided to trick my body by eating lots of calories because my exercise routines varies so that's not the problem. i used to feel horrible about going on and off of my diet by eating lots of calories to eating a good amount. actually...i don't even count calories. i'm more about eating right. like i know eating that cheeseburger isn't healthy so i just avoid it. but then days when i feel like i'm not losing weight fast enough i get frustrated and eat that cheeseburger! then i get back on my diet and the weight just drops off. so now i know that zig zagging your calories does work. if i want to zig zag my calories so i don't get into a rut with weight plateaus i have too eat just a little bit more but of healthy foods as well! yesterday i ate more food than usual but it took me so long to get any of it down that's why usually i don't eat lots of food anymore because with the band it takes me like 4 times as long to eat one plate of food when it takes everybody else 15 minutes. so i'm not necessarily "pigging out", its just more food than i'm used to eating since the surgery. i think i'm going to go three days of "pigging out" then get back onto my diet and see how it goes. i was hoping to be down a certain weight this month so we'll see.

i'm really starting to see the choices i make now. like i choose not to drink soda anymore and i choose not to eat at fast food places. i mean those options are always going to be open but i rather not. the other day my co-worker went to mcdonalds and usually i always get something but yesterday for the first time i can honestly say i truly did not want anything from that place. its sooo weird and at the same time i feel so good about it! i never drink soda anymore. i can't even remember the last time, its been that long...i want fast food to be like that also. i want it to be a habit for me where i never stop at a fast food place ever again to the point where i can't remember the last time i did. i'm happy ^_^



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