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Night Before



Well.... *sigh*....

It is the night before the surgery. The first new day of the rest of my life begins at 7a tomorrow.

I am here in Tijuanna, Mexico watching television shows like Vampire Diaries and The Thomas Crown Affair

in spanish and thinking about what tomorrow means.

I am nervous, excited, ready, apprehensive, and mentally ready for what tomorrow means.

The two others that are getting their surgeries tomorrow were nice, and if they read this, I wish you both

the best of luck in your journey.

My mom is here with me and is being super supportive, and she is curious to see how it plays out.

I will keep you all updated, don't know if anyone will care or read my blog, but it will help me to

write about what is going on and what I am doing.

I will in the hospital tomorrow and maybe tomorrow night, so if there is no entry, that is why.

Until next time....




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