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"i can't stop smiling"!!!



my sf friend is in town again and i actually decided to hang out with her because i was just feeling good. i got the day off so i decided to hang with her. i asked her if she wanted to like skate around the neighborhood to jamba juice or whereever. this was like at 5 in the afternoon and the sun is still shining high so it was all good. but we didn't make out till 9 because she was held "hostage" by her family which was perfect because i just wanted to be lazy lounging around the house. anyway by 9pm we were out skating. i showed her my skills and she was like OMG you know how to skate!! and i was like yeah i know its awesome right?! hahaa anyway we were like lets go to walmart and buy a skateboard for her so we did. but walmart skateboards really suck..anyway we were skating around the walmart parking lot for a while then decided to go to the movies and watch "THE DARK KNIGHT"...hahaa yeah i finally gave in and went to see it. i mean everybody was like you have to see the dark knight its sooo good so i was like eh ok ok and it was good! it was sick and twisted like something i would expect from a horror movie but not batman. hahaa i love horror movies so this was an A+++ in my book! then we went to ihop and got spinach mushroom dishes. it was delicious! then two cops walked in to eat and one was soooooooo cute. like really cute. i started to squeal like a twelve year old and the waitress was laughing at us because we were acting like school girls. but i couldn't help it he was adorable! so handsome and young. i smiled at him and he smiled at me then i died! oh my heart...pitter patter, pitter patter :wub::wub::wub: ...teeheehee. my friend made things even worse because she was like he's staring at you and i'm like i know stop it we look really dumb standing here giggling like little school girls! but then we started laughing like crazies again! eek i'm so embarrassed because i couldn't stop smiling while glancing at him and he totally saw me blushing like a maniac. oh but he sure did have the most beautiful-est smile i've ever seen on a man..hmmm :wub: we were thinking of maybe running into his patrol car so he would come out and talk to us or arrest us. either way i would have gotten a chance to talk to him j/k :P

today is jake's 26th birthday! i called him at 3 in the morning to wish him a happy birthday. he was sleeping but he picked up to talk to me. i didn't want him to i was just going to leave a voicem. he's in la for business but he comes home tomorrow so we can celebrate! mario wants to bake him a cake. yayayaya! i told mario we should drive to la and surprise him! but mario has to work. it would have been really fun. i think the boys are going to move to la next year..i probably will too. just thinking about them leaving me here in vegas alone makes me sad. i love them so much. it would be like breaking up a family. they're like my brothers and i would miss them terribly. thats horrible..all my bestfriends would be in california and i would be the only one left in vegas like a loser!

i'm still eating like whatever i want. i'll get back on tomorrow. today me and j (sf friendforever) will probably go skating and shopping. i can't wait! we always have so much fun together when she's not being RUDE but its ok because i will put her in her place like nobody's business if she wants to get an attitude with me!

ha i forgot to mention that she was going to buy elbow pads but they cost like 20 bucks which was like half the price of her walmart skateboard so she didn't get it. but i think she should have because the first time she falls real hard on the pavement she's going to be in a huge shock like i was. i don't fall off my skateboard anymore but that's because i haven't tried to do a tailstop lately..i mean remember that bruise?! its not green/yellow/dark purple anymore its a faint purple which means its finally healing. i found a knee pad that i use as an elbow pad ha i don't care if it looks weird at least i'm not busting my elbow! k busy day tomorrow gotta get lots of sleep bye ^_^


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