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Hommus my new best friend !



Day 6 - Feeling better and better each day that passes... Still on liquids (2 optifast shakes) + 10gs of Hommus (my new best friend) + a litre of water + 1 frozen ice block per day but dietian has advised that tomorrow i am able to progress to runny mush... so im extremly excited and nervous :whistle3:

Still not feeling hungry and having to remind myself to eat (drink) although cant say i haven't had any cravings... and couldnt tell you what i would

do to someone to get half a cheese sandwich -and its strange seeing ive never really been a cheese lover!

Cooking for the kids hasn't been as bad as i thought it would be... although a little concerned that i may actually fatten them up a little too much...they think

its great having fresh tripple choc muffins baked daily.. and unlimited snacks. (Won't last forever kids)

Gas pain has completely gone since yesterday...although still burping after everything i drink... not very lady like but the kids think its great watching

mum burb :lol2: My incisions are becoming a little itchy so im guessing that are healing too.

Had a small scare tonight after having a small amount of no fat custard - totally forgot slow slow slow and while watching Bold and Beautiful today and i got a bit over excited and before i knew it i was done... felt a very weird sensation and thought i saw going to be sick... but after telling myself "please don't" and doing a few laps of the house the feeling passed (Thanks God)

Pretty happy with the weightloss to date 7.3kg =16 pounds would never have been able to do that prior to being banded.. even if i was to starve myself.

Its now 10.45pm and time for me to head to bed so until next time.[/size]


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