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Feeling Better...



Day 3 - I have to say im feeling so much better than i felt yesterday... NO Nausea NO pain and very little gas . :D

Although i do have to say i spent most of last night reading about MUSHIE FOOD stage.. and it may sound extremely strange but i cant wait to eat

any type of real food even if it has to be blended... my teeth actually hurt yesterday from not chewing anything for the last 10 days so in 10 more days

im really wondering what will happen!

Today was a pretty normal day on a liquid diet - or so what i think is normal should i say.

* 8am 150mls of Water and my daily vitamin

* 10am a small diet vanialla yoghurt

* 2pm a Coffee Optislim shake

* 4pm a Coffee - which i couldn't drink all of -- anyone who knows me well will know that is not me at ALL :huh: I am a HUGE Coffee Fan!

* 8pm a Chocolate Optifast shake

And so far have managed to drink around 1 litre thru-out.

Since having the operation i have noticed that im always full... wondering if that will last... in what ive read so far its not... so im going to enjoy it while i can :P The only thing ive noticed today is that after everything i have drunk-sipped very soon after i have had that gas pain in my left shoulder.

I feel there is so much to learn about my new band, I have read alot of great information and tips from alot of you.. and its really helping me alot.

Will keep you updated xox


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