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Post op Update



Ok, well I just discovered that I have a blog even though I set it up. This is really neat. Anyway I was banded on 1/18/10 everything went well. I took 2weeks off work because of the work I do. Boy am I glad, because when I went back the last 3 days of my 3rd week of liquids was a challenge. I was very tired and a bit drained. I pulled it off though. Anyway I lost 18lbs during the liquid phase and was at a standstill. After I started to eat I lost 3 more lbs. At first I was satisfied with about 1/4C. now I can eat a good cup of food. Today I at a whole Avacado sandwich. I make I chew very, very well. I don't want to experience Pbing. I am suppose to get my first fill around the first week in March but I am putting it off until the end so that I can go down with my sister who is getting banded. Lets hope I can keep enough restriction to not start gaining weight. Anyway enough rambling. Just wanted to try this blog thing out. Blessings and good tidings to all the new comers that are joining the bandsters, it will all be worth it.


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Sorry for taking so long to respond. I am still learning how to get around in here. I have to say the port pain lasted the first month. It got better after that and now I just have tenderness when I press on the scar. For some reason the port scar is the deepest. I think it is forming a small key loid. I am african american and sometimes we tend to get those with scars. This is my first one. It is not bad but the other scars are smooth and faded. I don't mind because it is still worth having the surgery.

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