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Hello all, sorry for not staying in contact. I guess I could say I have been busy but the real truth is I am embarrassed that I have not made any more progress. I lost twenty three pounds off the bat after surgery. I have been gaining and loosing the same three pounds since eating again. Mostly because I have not bee reallly strict with my eating. I don't eat as much as before but some of my old habits have crept back in. I am very very busy and things are a bit stressful for me right now so I don't always make the best food choices. I have a hard time staying on a consistant schedule of eating three meals a day. Breakfast is the hardest and by the time I eat it and something later for "lunch" I am not really too hungry for dinner. What ever the excuses I am determined to straighten up the ship and get on point. I get my first fill on the 29th!! Yea. One thing I have learned that no matter what fill or not, how the band works is all up to you and a fill is no gaurantee for success if you don't make the success happen....

Now I see what Dr. O meant when he said that the band is a tool and you will get out of it what you put into it. This is no walk in the park. We still have to say no to the Pizza and other junk food. Just because it goes down easy and you have not issues with eating it is no reason to indulge. Preaching to myself here. Anyway, I am looking to my fill for some more restriction until then I am purposing to reallly work this thing.

that's it for tonight.

Peace out!

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I feel your pain...I'm 28 days post op and gained back 3 pounds this week...yuk! I have no restriction and can eat just like before, maybe not as hungry but that was never my problem anyways...I DRINK my calories in the form of alcohol...anyways...just try to have a little self control and remind yourself how great you did losing the 23 pounds without the band, and how great you want to look this summer. Get out of the house, make your lunch before you go to work so you're making a conscious decision about what you're eating...just hang in there...you can do it!! When you get your fill...I hope...that will help you. :)

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