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3 days post-op



So I'm finding the liquid phase post-op is hard as hell. Luckily the fear of having a slipped band has kept me on course for the last 3 days, but this is probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

I'm not sure if it's hunger pain, or gas, or what but at times my stomach feels like the worst hunger pains I've experienced ever. I'm on day 4 of clear liquids and so far (it's 9:30am) hunger pain has been minimal this morning. I'm hoping that getting passed the first 3 days was the hardest and that I will have some sort of relief for the days ahead.

I can say that right now it's not a mentaldon't bother thing with me. The mental thought of not eating isn't really bothering me. I feel like I have so much time now :). Even preparing my sons lunches and dinner haven't bothered me. I'm using this time to experiment with some healthier food options and my son is my little guinea pig lol. It's just the physical hunger that I faced - but like I've said so far (day 4) it's gotten easier and I'm hoping it will stay this way.

It has certainly helped to read others testimonials stating that if "they could do the liquid phase - then anyone can" because that's pretty much how I feel. I guess the band has forced me into making this commitment to myself and my body. Yep - it's a mental tool for now.

As for soreness - not too much, just in the port area as others have stated. But really just feels like I got a good upper cut in the gut :)

I've only had a BM once since surgery - won't go into detail about what that was like but just happy that I had one. My stomach is still pretty bloated and sticking out a little more than usual.

Still so happy about my decision - I won't lie though I'm a little weird-ed out about thinking I'm like a bionic woman now though with this device inside my body. So far I have fake boobs, the lap band, and a copper IUD. I wonder what archaeologists would think in 10,000 discovering my body. lol....wonder what type of conclusions they would come to about the life I lived.

anyway - back to work :) talk to all of you later and again thanks so much for everyone's support. This forum is truly another huge tool for me and a great resource.



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That comment is so funny. It is something to wonder about...what will the archaeolgists think in 10,000 years when they find your remains. When humans today find something out of the ordinary we usually can come up with a weirded out story to justify the findings...so your guess is as good as mine. I still think that is hilarious!! I am on day one post-op so I will probably look at your posts just to get a sneak preview of what I have to look forward to.

Well, I figure it is time for another walk. Walks are OK until I pass one of those street vendors with the tamales etc....but I am really not hungry. My brain is asking me..why are you not stopping to purchase large amounts of goodies. Now, every day will be a learning experience. Your blog made me laugh...yes, it did hurt to laugh...but it was worth it.

Keep up the same outlook and the 21 days will just breeze by....then I will have 3 days left of mine. So...the quicker you make it through the 21 days, I am not far behind.

Good Luck!!

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I will be reading your blogs too because next week is band surgery..and I am terrified of 21 days of liguid......can I just be put to sleep for 21 days then wake me up when I can eat again?? Hahaha. Well I will be reading your posts to keep me strong and motivated..so don't hold back.

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