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Holy cow day 6!! post-op liquid phase



I really can't believe that I've made it now 6 days without food. It's crazy talk to me.

Ok - so I was right the first 3 days were really kind of hell for me but day 6 - it's WAY easier. I don't have the hunger/gas pains that I was having for the first 3 days. Thank God because not sure how long I would have made it feeling like that. Looking back though I'm thinking it was more gas than anything - but I'm just grateful it's over.

I'm even really surprised that I'm not that tired. I have been cleaning, and doing school work and working without a problem concentrating at all.

physical check - my port is still a little sore and the site of my iv is tender to the touch too but I can tell it's getting better. I can stretch and not feel like my port is ripping away. Sounds gross - but that's kind of how it feels.

So how have I been staying on liquids for 6 days? It's like a mental zone I think. There is something about knowing that I went through getting this procedure that has switched something in my mind. Like - hey - Bianca you've went to the extreme of getting this procedure done, going to Mexico alone, and committing to a liquid diet for 21 days....you don't have an option now to just give up. I used to be able to stay on a "diet" for like a day or not even a day until around 3pm and then I'd be starving and just say screw it - I'm already fat - another 2000 calories wont make me fatter.

To be honest, one of my favorite fast food restaurants Burger King, hasn't even been a thought in my mind. I haven't even thought - I wish I could eat this or that. I've thought....how cheap is my food bill going to be and what will I spend the extra money on every month that I'm not gorging myself on food. hmmmmm maybe a pedicure. Geez what a relief - I feel like this lapband has given me freedom to finally live my life and I feel that way without being even close to the weight I want to be.

I can sum it up in one word and that is hope. This procedure has given me hope that my efforts will pay off and I will be in a healthy physical and mental state.

Oh one final thing - the time that I do feel a hunger pain is around the 2-3pm mark until about 5 or so. I usually have a few sugar free popsicles, some warm broth, and some juice. But for the rest of the day I'm just sipping on water, or crystal light and things are fine.

God this is so amazing......i'm just in awe that i'm on day 6 - maybe I CAN do this :)


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Well, I said I would keep checking to see how you are doing because I am only three days behind you. Talk about GASsssss I tell ya, they might just capture me here in Mexico and tap my system to supply natural gas for the entire Tijuana area...plus some.

I thought I was going to burst. Ok, I will admit, I was spooked and called the doctor. He said for me to come right back in and he would check it out. I just knew something terrible happened and that I was on my way to needing to call the coroner.

Well, they hooked me up with a ride, I went in...did the barrium swallow and watched it on the monitor...everything seems to be working fine. Then, I saw all this white contrast on the monitor...he said here is your problem..it is GASssss. I was releasing enough to fill the Goodyear Blimp but still was not getting enough out. The good Doctor gave me some medication and told me I could stay at the clinic or go back to the motel but regardless, I was to keep him posted. Naturally I came back to the motel, even though they are such wonderful professionals, I would not have been upset if the Good Doctor said I had to stay at the clinic.

Today has been much better than yesterday and I hope I follow your lead and tomorrow will be even better. Well, the painters are here to re-paint my motel room...

Glad you are doing so well...and it sounds like you are on the mend.

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Thanks so much for keeping us updated..in 5 days I will be banded..and I am like - no food - only liquid -- mini panic..but my daughter did it and your doing it -- and I so badly want to reach the zone your in -- you know the I CAN do this thing..so keep us going -- and "GASSaas" writer you too hahaha..I really hope I don't go there..My daughter had gas for about a week she said..I wonder if we can take Gas X? keep writing to ok..

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