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8 days post-op liquid phase



Man - I did a stupid thing. I ordered pizza for my son and his friend spending the night this past weekend. uuuggghhhh that was the worst fricking torture yet.

I didn't eat any but it took all of my will power to refrain. It helped that my port area is still sore and that not a lot of times do I forget I have this band. I'm still getting used to the idea of having this foreign object in my body. I hope that it gets less weird :)

Other than that - hunger has been ok. Again, still not as hard as the first 3 days but I have been feeling a little bit more tired these past couple of days. I've been sleeping really great thought (which I usually don't do). Not sure if that's because of lack of food or what.

I was able to have the drinkable yogurt today and in 2 more days I'll be able to have a protein drink. the drinkable yogurt felt kind of heavy on my stomach - maybe because I wasn't used to the thickness - but I couldn't drink all that much of it.

If they could just invent a drinkable pizza flavored substance lol I'd be skinny in no time :)

I'm trying to drink more water but my stomach always feels full. Is this the band? I thought I wasn't supposed to feel this way yet. Well I guess it's a good thing. I haven't been able to drink a ton of juice but I've been drinking cranberry juice lately because the crystal light is getting old and i know my body needs the calories.

My BM are pretty....well nasty. I don't really like having liquid as my BM but hey I guess it goes with the territory.

I've been loosing about a pound a day since surgery. I think it took my body a few days in the beginning to shed the water I was retaining from after surgery - but I'm happy with the weight loss so far. I'm finally to my surgery decision weight which was 200. So now it's down to bigger and better things :)

I feel like at this point in the process I'm just going through the motions. Not really thinking about what I'm going to eat my first day of solids - but just trying to get through it.

This is a tough process. I'm proud of myself that I've made it so far.


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That's awesome! Hang in there...don't eat, you will feel like crap after...just keep busy and get out of the house, go shopping, whatever you can do to not think of food. I can't believe you're losing a pound a day...that's radical...so stoked for you. :) Have a great day!

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