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1st fill



Hey bandsters. I got my first fill today. My sister got banded today and is now a part of the fam. Anyway since I was her guest I got a chance to talk with Dr. Martinez a bit extensively and in person... (so handsome) about why the first fill may not yeild as much restriction as expected and how to get more out of your band. Basically it was what I think I am starting to learn anyway... You have to work with the band and not expect it to do the work for you. In other words DON't test the band to see how much it will let you eat, instead see how little you can eat and feel satisfied. It will allow you to keep going if you push it but it is there to help you feel satisfied for at least 3-4hrs eating less than what we are used to and still staying satisfied. Making the right food choices and portion amounts is the key factor. I knew that from my own experience because I noticied old habits starting to creep back and realized that I could end up in the same boat that I was in before the band if I did not change my attitude about food. The tool I now have is to aid me not be a dictator and master me.. I am my own master under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

No eating solids for 3 days after the first fill, but I am on full liquids, anything that goes through a straw is permissable. He said after the second one you can eat right away. Anyway I am motivated and encouraged that this process will suceed and I will reach my goal.


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