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What to do with all the emotions--don't eat write about them part 1



So, here I am two days...to surgery...and all these feelings are surfacing and I feel myself starting to be put in frenzy which at any other time would have sent me straight for food...one of the thoughts that came to me was "what am I going to do with all these feelings?" They were almost overwhelming, or so I felt..as I sat there and made myself take deep breaths I slowly was able to at least calm myself...I can see a future where I am going to have to do this a lot and also find a way to process those thoughts, feelings and emotions which I normally handled with the easy way of eating..So my first part of this blog will be to come here and write when I feel overwhelmed..do this first instead of eatting..that will be step one...so the emotions of today are worry, anxiety, and the fear of loosing a 30 year coping mechanism..and what will I do to deal with what I should have learned to deal with years ago...

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You will probably learn right away, that the "diet's" OCC suggests for you to use are not as bad as they seem. For me it was the pre-op diet that was the hardest. After I recieved my band on the 18th, I can eat...chicken broth, potpsickles, and drink juice. Believe it or not, I don't usually finish all of it becuase it is too much. This comes from a person who thought a large pizza was a two serving meal. LOL Just remember what Dr. Ortiz says...follow this and you will meet your personal goal.

Anyway...what you said about writing about your feelings on here...that is a great way to VENT and to hopefully get suggestions that may work for you as it does for others. This site has given me much support and taken away or at least helped with the doubt I had and am having.

So...try to keep a positive attitude, look towards the end of your goal, then just fill in the blanks....that what I am doing..day by day and it is working.

Hope this helps you some. Keep us posted as to how you are doing.


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