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5 days



5 days...I am really doing it! Today was all liguid..well, broth with shredded cabbage just to prep me for the next 26 days of liguid...I can do this thing..just keep reading and writing and staying focused!!


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You CAN do this. Trust me if I can anyone can! As much support as you need we're here! You're gonna be amazed at how much your focus in life changes and that is what this journey is all about!

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Your post was enormously helpful. I don't have a surgery date yet...looking at the 1st week in May. I'm in Grad School and want to be done with this semester so I can concentrate on my new lifestlye. I am 49 and hope I have not waited too long to do this. Am worried about my skins' elasticity, but I hope I am doing the right thing. I have battled these 40-50 lbs. for 20 years. Do you have any suggestions for anything you would do diffently either pre or post op??? Please let me know what you find most helpful on the liquid phase. Foods/coping mechanisms,etc. THanks for any helpful suggestions. Kim

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