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Heading to OCC soon...Safety on my mind



I am scheduled at the end of this month. I am growing more concerned with recent news stories about border violence at the borders. TJ is aleays painted as a war zone and now the recent government travel warning I just dont no what to expect. I am interested to hear from anyone that has visited OCC from san diego airport in the past 60 days or so. I am so impressed with DR. Ortiz and OCC staff and know I found the right place for me. I am most concerned with travel to hotel lucerna and OCC. Any input would be appreciated..... THANKS


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I was there exactly a week ago and felt very safe..I too had concerns and when I emailed the OCC about them they send me some very interesting information. I can tell you that I felt safe there and was very well taken care of. The Dr's. and staff at the OCC are very concerned and caring. I did not see anything that gave me cause for concern. I enjoyed the hotel Lucerna and the staff there were wonderful too.

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Thanks so much, that puts me more at ease. Can you tell me how long it took you at the border and what to expect? I hear it takes 2 to 3 hours?? this will be a first for me....thanks again

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When I went to Tijuana Mexico, I stayed at the Marriott. We were picked up by Raul, the driver for OCC when we landed in San Diego. He took care of everything. I did not even have to get out of the van when we crossed the border to go in to Mexico. As far as safety...I walked all around the motel and to different shops etc. There are armed patrol personel that we saw quite often but I did not feel in danger in any way. ON the way back, Raul picked us up at the motel, then while we were "in line" to cross the border we came to a place where Raul gave us instructions as to what to do. We took our luggage out of the van,(actually Raul did) then we went in to the building, showed our passports, and were asked about anything that we were bringing back in to the states that we purchased in Mexico. It is very important to be completely honest about this. After that, we put the luggage on the screener and walked through to gather our belongings on the other side, just like at the airport but with less hassle. At this point, we walked down along the walkway by the train tracks and there in the parking lot, was Raul waiting for us to take us to the airport. Hope this gives you some useful information. Raul (OCC driver) is so effecient and friendly. YOu will not have any problems. The time it takes naturally depends on the traffic. We came in at rush hour but it did not take very long, less than 1 hour. I thought it was very interesting as to how they handled things. Good Luck with the travel and the banding!!!

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I came home friday 4/2/10 - didn't have any problems. I've been going to TJ for years, since I was a kid. We don't go down right now for fun and pleasure, but my surgery was an acception. I'd do it all over again tomorrow if I had to. My medical clilnic here said they would do all of my follow up care and maintenance, and my insurance will cover it. I was so impressed and have so much confidence in OCC, I will be going back to TJ for my fills. My mom was banded 15 months ago also at OCC, has lost 85lbs. She now wears and size 2 and weighs 137........ all good things are yet to come. GOOD LUCK

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I went to Tijuana on 03/22/2010 and the border crossing was very easy, especially to get in to Mexico. We had the driver from OCC pick us up at the airport and then take us back to the airport. On the way back the lines are really long, but with the OCC van you get in the bus line, which is much shorter. It was easy and there were no problems.

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Just got back from TJ on saturday the 17th of April. Everything moved along quite efficiently. I felt safe @ the people were gracious. Trust me many places in the US are much worse.

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