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A personal victory



Well, It's Easter Sunday, year two after the death of my husband and childhood sweetheart..this year was a bit easier and I have accomplished so much today..The time of re-birth and re-newal is very personal this year. My first week as a banded person learning to live without food for comfort...I can't even believe I am saying that. I had to write it down today because I want to look back at this next year and remember that I did it! I was able to go to a family function without feeling so stressed that I had to stuff buffet food into my mouth. I planned it carefully all week, in fact I even thought about not going..but I am so glad I did because it showed me that I can do it, and do it well. I dressed with care, for the first time in 4 years..I planned what I was going to say if pressured to eat, I even knew to ask the waiter, so nice, for a bowl of soup right off the top, followed by coffee and some water and juice and I wasn't even tempted, not even by those beautiful looking desserts. I was able to do it and nobody gave me a hard time, in fact my son was there as back up for me..he is a great support for my daughter and I. She too is banded but stayed down at school and had her own victories. We can be proud. My biggest thrill of the day was when my own sister looked at me and didn't recognize me! It was great..I lost about 40 pounds since she last saw me two years ago, and as I said I took some time with my appearance for the day..it was wonderful, especially since she is five years younger...aaaah that felt so much better then a bloated belly full of buffet food...Thank-you OCC and all you supportive bandster's out there...


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My heart goes out to you on this day of days. I cant even to begin to imagine your trials and tribulations and how you have managed to pull through it. I can only begin to understand that maybe your children are your rocks. I admire your courage on so many levels today and your success in the face of obsticles and a trying time for you puts my own battles in perspective and gives me the gumption to be strong.

Thanks for sharing your beauty & strength.

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Thank you so much for your kind words....I have found in a short time a real place of "family" and commitment on this site..we are all family and support for each other and when I feel like eating instead of "feeling" I come here..Thank you again..

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