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Its *almost* the weekend ..... and a long one too!!



So I just got back from a long walk with my husband and my dog, Beans. Nice night out but the mosquitoes are out to getcha! That they did, guess I forgot to spray on the arms! Oh well, it was nice and long and we kept up a good pace.

I talked to my mom today and she's told me that her & dad are going to give me the money for Tijuana to pay for and that we'll pay them back. This is such a huge relief for Devin and I..... Of course we won't be paying them back in the next few months but we can do it so that we aren't eating Kraft Dinner for the rest of the year as we can't afford anything else! So its a load of stress off me -- and the fact that our renter is leaving .... wooohooo!! Things are looking up!

I've only lost 5 pounds on this stinking pre-op diet and hope that the long walks will help. I was going to get on the bike this morning but .... I just couldn't get myself out of bed! So tomorrow ..... I hope! ;) We had a rough day at work today and I didn't have a chance to take a lunch. Power went out in town and at the hospital and we were stuck with patients sitting in the dark and worring about our back up generators that weren't working ..... by the time that everything calmed down, I missed my breaks and lunch .... and my lovely Ensure! Surely this weight must be coming off - however I've never been one to lose pounds first, its always been inches .... and I'm noticing some of my clothes are fitting looser, so maybe something is still happening? Either way, I'm still focusing and staying strong --- I don't know why people knock Ensure .... I quite enjoy it. Granted, if its the only thin you can drink ..... you're kind of forced to like it!

Well ..... its almost bedtime and I should probably hit the sack. I've got to figure out where we're going to go camping this weekend -- we're thinking Banff but it being a long weekend .... who knows if we can find a site for our tent. Either way, I must get out of Fort McMurray!



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