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Just finished my Wii workout this morning.....



So my Wii Age was 33 the beginning of this morning - not far from the 30 that I am. ;) I decided that while Devin was sleeping with the dog and our roommates were out, I would hop on board and get my workout done. Holy cow --- I'm sweatin' like a pig! But it was good! I did the 30 minute step and it worked out to 2950 steps at a really steady pace. The best thing about the 30 minute free step --- you can watch tv while its going - so I put on the Family Channel for some mindless entertainment and stepped away! I've had Wii fit since it came out -- and have made a effort to do it every day --- except the yoga -- I suck at yoga!

I did a few more activities afterwards for about 45 minutes on it today and went and re-did my fitness test and I'm down to 32.... one whole year down! hahahah.... Some days I am 29 or 30 .... others a little older. If I don't do it on a daily basis, I slack too much and my age goes up. So here's to doing step every day! :P At least its some activity!

I'm down a couple more pounds and finally saw the 250's ..... hopefully this work out will get the pounds off more before I head down later this month! I have to lose 13 and I'm almost there but I'd like to lose more if I can. I've never really been one to at first lose lbs.... inches usually come first and I noticed it yesterday when I changed at work. Because I work in the OR (as a booking clerk) I have to change into scrubs because I'm in a sterile environment. The size that I wear, when I first started, were a little tight but yesterday I noticed I have about an inch on each side of my thigh and the waist is getting looser. I hope that this will amount to lbs lost soon. Either way, inches are good for me too --- :rolleyes:

Its the long weekend this weekend and sadly --- its raining. Although I never hold out for beautiful weather on any of the long weekends here! And Devin found out he has to work on Monday. Which sucks! We had planned on heading to Calgary for the weekend but not now :( Oh well - its better that we don't cause its too tempting to go to our favorite Italian restaurant there. He wants to go to a movie so thats probably what we'll do. I am going to do another 30 minutes on the Wii later tonight .... I actually enjoy it and any type of exercise that is enjoyable -- is good exercise!



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