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Blah ... its been a stressful week ....



So its been a stressful week ..... We rent out a room in our house and our guest here seems to have moved right on in. Its been driving me nuts. So we finally asked him to leave as it was just too stressful with him invading our personal space. A really nice guy, but for my own sanity, he's got to go. I've found though that I'm not as much of a biotch this week because of the pre-op diet. It was mainly due to the stress of our renter .... my pre-op diet is going much better than what it was last week. I think my stomach must have shrunk cause now I'm completely full after a Lean Cuisine. Last week I wanted to eat another one so badly .... but I don't feel like that. So thats good. Granted it could be because I've got so much water floating around in my body I couldn't put another ounce of anything in!! :wacko: Anyway he leaves on Thursday and I'll be happy.

Our flights are booked and my deposit has been paid. Yay!!! We arrive into San Diego from Edmonton via Salt Lake City. I'm glad we got a morning flight but then was thinking about it -- if its at 6am, I have to be a the airport at 4..... because we have pre-clearance for US Security ..... my cousin lives about 35 minutes from the airport ... what was I thinking?!?!?! :lb12: We get in around noon and I hope we can have a nice relaxing afternoon in Tijuana. What have people done there? I have to head off to the grocery store to pick up some Mexican laundry soap and Clight (their Crystal Light with way better flavors than ours!) but not sure what else to do ..... I have enough Mexican arts ... ideas? Our flight back leaves at 6am on the Monday so we have to be at the airport early again ... blah! I wish we had more time, but I'm lucky my husband was able to get the time off work and i don't want to take much time off either .... If anyone reads this --- how long were you off work? And I may be pushing myself here -- but how did you feel two days afterwards? Well enough to go to Sea World? :blink:

Starting tomorrow I'm biking it! Well biking in the basement (we sleep down there) and when my alarm goes off I'm going to get right on that bike for 15 minutes and then get ready for work! I've lost 5 pounds so far but I need to lose more -- I still have three weeks but .... I have to lose 13. No stress though ... none what-so-ever! Its the long weekend here and we may head down to Edmonton - we want to go camping, but I don't know how much fun I'm going to have if I can't have marshmallows and hot dogs for breakfast?!!? :(( So if we don't go camping I may ask my husband if we can head to the mall and look for a "goal dress" ... something that I can work for. I see all these pictures of people with their dresses or outfits and I want one too!! So we'll see what I can find!

Well, we're in the middle of a nasty thunderstorm and I think I should probably head to bed .... I'm so glad I have this site!



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Oh my goodness --- YOU ROCK!!! Thanks so much for that information!! I've had to sit on a plane and wait for customs to open before and that sucked too! Well at least I know I can show up later than planned.... a little later :) I think we're now going to stay in Leduc or Nisku and thats only a few minutes away rather than do the highway driving for 40 minutes, risk getting a flat tire or hitting a deer or something else happen that would prevent me from getting to my flight :D heheheh.... Went for a long walk again tonight, the only war wounds to prove it though are the trillions of mosquito bites on me and the blister on my foot, but I'm lovin' it ......


I'd check to see what time Delta and US Customs opens. If it is like Vancouver, neither won't open until 5pm.

Update - just called the Edmonton Airport - US Customs opens at 4:45. http://www.flyeia.com/airport_guide/servic...formation_booth


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