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Wednesday May 5th 2010 ( Second Entry)



Well I am new at this blogging thing so I just somehow lost the blog I just wrote for today . Now I am typing a new entry... :angry: Today started good with a wt loss of 10 pounds since I weighed in at my doctors last week. I have been trying to stick with the Pre Op Diet witht he protein shakes and the low cal microwave meal for dinner.. I have been totally starving. Tonight I made some sugar free jello and had some watermellon. I don't think that it part of the diet but I was starving and when I added the calories of the shakes 360 plus the dinner of 225 that 575 calories was pretty low. I did make two salads with spray dressing but I don't think that had many calories. hopefully in this next month I will be able to stick to this diet and loose some weight. I need someting to look forward to.


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