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May 9th 2010



I have been doing the Pre Op Diet for a week now .

I have been totally starving... Grumpy.... It is like I NEED Suger and Bread so bad that I am dreaming of going to IHOP for pancakes with straberries and whipped cream or to the Red Lobster for the cheese biscuits. Lori who answers the OCC phone calls said I can eat lots of salad during this time so now I am filling bowls to the top with veggies. Huge mixing bowls with mushrooms,tomato, leattuce, carrots, green beans, cucumbers etc. I found some 0 calorie salad dressings that I am using on the salads. Since adding the salads I have gained 2 pounds. Maybe I just need to go back to the two protein shakes and one low calorie dinner again. Being a bulk eater you give me permission to eat something and I will .

Also, I made a HUGE mistake last night running into the store for some Lean Cusine meals with my 12 year old daughter. She always talks me into buying junk for her to eat. I let her get some sugar cookies and chocolate donuts because I did not want to make her think she was on a diet too. She is a gymnast and she is all muscle.. Why knows why but those cookies were calling my name after she went to bed. I kept telling myself that it was OK to eat them since I was going to get a Lap Band soon so eating a few cookies wouldn't matter. Well it did matter... I stepped on the scale this morning an gained another pound... YIKES.... I am going the wrong way on the scale. Oh well today is another day. I have been told that Success is a Journey not a Destination and I believe it. I am praying for sucess on this Journey...


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Ugh. I completely get it. I've been on the Pre-Op diet, as well, and my sister, brother, mom, and dad all eat junk food, but healthy with me at dinner. It's tough seeing all those sweets and garbage they buy. But as I've learned from past on-off-on-off diets, I just find recipes that are sweet, low-calorie, and don't make you sick to your stomach stepping on the scale.

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