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Day 28



Wow it finally worked. Well here I am on day 28 and the last three days are going to be the hardest I think. I have had very few episodes where I have felt these cravings. Maybe it's because I have been planning some things to eat once I start back on solids. I think if it was not for my band and not wanting to go against the advice I was given, I would be trying to eat now. I am still doing protein shakes, soup,smoothies and water. I now weigh 307lbs down from 353lbs pre-op. I feel ok but, my energy has kind of been up and down the last two days. So I hope when I get back to solids I can get back on track and feel a little better. Well that's about it for today I willtry to post in here more as it helps to write it down.TC RCR


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