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Day 30



Day 30 and it has gotten hard to maintain a positive attitude. I am so hungry, but with just today and tomorrow left it would be a great disservice to myself to go off liquids now. So I guess now I will start shopping around for meal ideas. Are family reunion is 4 weeks from today and I have always been the cook, be it stove oven grill or whatever so we will see what which is happens. I got my first compliment yesterday. Someone told me I was thinner in the face. That was pretty cool. I told my boss about it yesterday too and he was amazed at all I told him. He is also a big guy(ex power lifter)and we are the same age so it's easy to relate to him. planned all this stuff to do in the yard and went out and bought the stuff I needed to help me stay busy and wouldn't you know its suppose to rain all week. Oh well maybe I can work in the Garage or basement who knows. That's it for today. TC RCR


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Good Luck...keep plugging away....get a good diet program to follow, something that will help with the evening hunger....that is what I'm having trouble with...going to try Weight Watchers....next fill in November or sooner if I can get it done locally....

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