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The jouney continues, one week post fill...



So, here I am, my first full week of food post first fill...This has been a very interesting educational time..I managed to go through a few emotional moments without overeating to the point of illness, however I did eat for emotional reasons but was able to stop before I was out of control thanks to my new tool the band..this for me has been very exciting on so many levels. At the same time I was given new medications for my heart which have made me feel not well as my body adjusts so for this week I was unable to exercise but I think I am finally getting adjusted as my headaches have ended and I feel my energy returning. The added protein and liquid vitamins have also made a huge difference. This week I go to Monterey 15 pounds lighter to watch my daughter graduate college, and I continue to finish my own Master's degree. All of these changes make me feel pretty anxious and scared but also excited as they all lead to the beginning of my new life. I believe my husband is smiling down from heaven the week..I miss him and am feeling his absence as well. I will continue my journey with a feeling of thankfulness and graditude...


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Wow , it gives me hope that the band will work for me too. I also eat for emotional reasons. Have fun at your daughters graduation. I also leave next week for Colorado Springs for my oldest sons graduation from the USAFA. I hope to keep on my Pre Diet.

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Journey keeps going..made it past graduation, the whole no need for food thing was a good but pleasant surprice..good luck on your continued success and congrats on your son!

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