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Small personal victories....hard lessons



So ok, here I am just a month out with a new band...I am learning many things about myself, my relationship with food, and some hard lessons. In the past month I have only really tested the band three times, last night was my most recent test, and while I felt awful, icky, (need a new word for band overeating), I also learned some things..one; it doesn't feel real pleasant to overeat with the band. You can't sleep, and it (food?) stays with you for most of the next day, or at least the icky feeling does. Two; you (me) will need to take my time and really spend time working through feelings..I have improved in this area but it's not just a "ok I'm fixed." Its more like a "ok I am working on myself and food, and it's not just a quick fix." That was a hard lesson..why is it I always want the easy way...The victory in this little episode is I did stop before eating the large amounts I used to be able too, and I did not mentally beat myself up, but took it as another learning expierience....

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I am not far behind you as a newly banded person and in another week I too will be learning new lessons! I am scared on one hand and excited on the other to start my new journey! I think by everyone posting their positive and not so positive experiences it helps all of us! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to hearing from you more =) Take care and good luck...

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