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What a lazy day ......



What a lazy day!!! Devin had to go to work today so its just Beans & I .... we're having a lazy day on the couch drinking water, watching A&E and thinking of having a nap ... oh yeah, and peeing out that water I'm drinking! :P At least today I get to watch Matlock, Perry Mason and Murder She Wrote. hehehehe....

I'm booking my hotel room for San Diego tonight - for the night before we leave to head back up to Edmonton. We originally found one hotel that gave us an airport shuttle for $121US but when I searched a website from Minneapolis that always has good deals .... I found one for mucho cheaper (and still includes a shuttle)! Not that I'm a cheap person, I just think that my $30 I'm saving can go to say something at Bath & Body Works or Target for myself.... or the outlet malls! hehehehe.... Oh how I miss over the border shopping!

I can't bring myself to stand on the scale this morning --- with all this water, I know that I'll be up. I find weekends to be my hardest in regards to wanting to snack. I think its just because I'm bored. I've done really good - still eating what I'm suppose to -- but last night I had one package of those 100 calories crackers. I "needed" something -- whether it be salt or whatever, I needed it. Yes, I hate myself for having it -- but such is life. Today I'm back on what I need to be doing .... Ensure, Ensure, Lean Cuisine and water. I have the discipline to do this.... but last night I just needed something. I figure it was safer to have that than a chocolate bar or chips or anything else I could find in the house. Anyway, I won't be having them anymore. And we went grocery shopping yesterday - our usual trip is a cart filled with food - but this time it only had Lean Cuisine's and a loaf of bread for Devin. The LC's were on sale for 3/$9 so we bought 12 (plus there were extra air miles -- woohoo!) and I'll only need to buy a few more before I head down. We have cut waaaaaaay down on our grocery bill, we'll probably save $300 a month. yippee!!

I'm going to save my Wii workout for this afternoon .... for now ... I'm going to have a nap!


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