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The Band the next phase




Just made it home from the OCC, where I received my second fill and almost missed my plane! But here I am home and now thinking about the next level this brings to me and the many new methods of eating, coping, and learning I will have to work on. I felt restriction right away, which put me right back in the mind set I was falling out of. I had started to get too comfortable with minimal restriction and while I still was not eating as much as I used to, I could eat more than I should. So Bammo! my second fill, and true restriction, and I'm back in the saddle as scary as that is..so my first meal at home went ok, I can really feel the food and now know what restriction feels like..different than I thought but do-able. I will now have to start major work on my mind set, mindless eatting, and emotional reasons that I eat..the journey continues.


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