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2nd Fill 6/26/10



Went back to TJ for my 2nd fill last saturday 6/26. I now have a total of 8cc. Great restriction. When I went in, I felt NO restriction at all with the 5.5cc I already had. He actually had me go eat lunch at Applebees before I went back across the border to make sure I wasn't too full! They have great fish by the way!! I can eat good, about 1/2 of what I used to eat most of the time, sometimes less. A couple of days after that fill I ate about 6 bites of chicken at lunch, thought it was going to come back up. First time i've had that feeling. I'm glad, it's really made me slow down and take smaller bites. I haven't had that feeling again, but my brain know's now to slow down, i'm not hungry. I still have a problem eating breakfast because i'm not hungry in the mornings. Working on that. After my first fill I lost 5 more lbs. About 3 wks later I gained it back. I'm excited now because I actually feel like I have a fill, should be able to lose the rest of my weight with this restriction.


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