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It's been almost a YEAR!!



One week from today will be exactly 1 year with my band!! I've been wishy washy about my goal weight all along. I've said between 135 & 145 is where I want to be. Today I weigh 150, i've been stuck here for about 2 months. I guess my goal weight is 140. With summer only a couple of months away, i'm going to increase my excercise to 5 days a week. This 10 lbs. should be gone in no time. My restriction has been great. Since day one I've only thrown up one time. It was my fault!! Took a big bite of something and didn't chew good. YUCK! It has never happened again. Funny how our brains know. My mom had her boobs lifted, lypo, tummy tuck and some filler stuff around her mouth. Her band slipped and was this big ordeal a few days later. I swear it's because the dr. didn't know how to deal with banded patients correctly. I want all the same stuff done (not the face) I'm going to OCC where I know they know whats in me and how do deal with it.

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