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i haven't weighed myself lately. i'm too afraid of what it will say. i've been eating really bad for the past week without exercise. i feel disgusting. on the bright side, yesterday i went back on my diet and am now completing day one :D i guess it is true that what you eat really affects your moods and how you look. i felt horrible snacking on chips and slushies all day. gross. i was sluggish, tired, and lazy. my skin turned disgusting after a few days of eating junk food. my friend said i had bags under my eyes! WHAT!?!! i was so upset because it was true! i did! ahhhhh!! i was like that's what i get for not getting enough sleep, eating WRONG, and not exercising! i couldn't believe i was breaking down after only one week of eating junk food!!! that is it! i'm never touching the stuff ever again! its going to make me look old and remain fat! i can't have that! i know this seems really really shallow but i NEVER EVER want to look old ever in my life. even when i'm 70 i don't want to look old. no wrinkles, or fine lines for me EVER!! and especially no bags!!! i know i cannot achieve that if i abuse my body by feeding it junk. i don't smoke, drink or do drugs because i know thats the quickest way to make you feel and LOOK a bajillion times older than you are..and not the attractive way either. so i'll weigh myself in a week from now and see where i'm at. i'm pretty much done with sabotaging myself.

haha i just re-read my last blog entry. i must have been really tired because there were more run sentences then usual and missing words which changed the whole meaning of what i was trying to convey. oh well..i'm going to sleep now so i can get 9 hours of sleep so i don't have bags underneath my eyes!! :P^_^


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