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Hump day



so it's day three! everyone says the third day is always the hardest because, well, actually i don't know why??..well anyway, i've been reading the forums and i still see some people eat fast food...i don't want to sound rude or mean but ARE YOU CRAZY!!??!! fast food is probably the worst thing you could ever put into your body!! its like the equivalent to crack for a crackhead!!! ugh i don't know, i'm done judging..i'm just going to take care of myself. i refuse to eat fast food anymore. i have to get it out of my system. its my worst eating habit ever. like i said crack to the crackhead. its crack to the fat person. but this a good thing..during my indulgence week i avoided mcdonalds..weird since mcdonalds is like my favorite ever. i just went to sonics a lot because its hot and i wanted icecream and corndogs. hahaa

i've been feeling good and almost like my old self again. i want my energy and spunk back, i think by the end of the week i'll have it all back! then i'll be super happy and bubbly like how i always am :lol: or maybe not since mario is leaving me for a week...ughhhh...i mean i have other friends but i only like to hang with mario because he's my bestestEVER, nobody can compare. its funny because all my other friends will always ask me to hang out with them and i'm like no because i wait for mario to ask me to hang out..thats probably the worst thing ever to do because thats the first sign of DEPENDENCY...eesh i hate that word.

anyway speaking of bestesEVER, J, my sf friend is in Milwaukee, wi visiting her family. she texted me yesterday telling me her dad pointed at her big fat stomach and said she wasn't "fat" but "big-boned".........HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA :lol: :lol: :lol: i know as well as she does, that she is not "big-boned", she has a gut because she's fat bottomline. she's 5'6 and at least 160lbs. she carries all her weight on her top half and belly because she's an upside down triangle as i call her. I'm a pear, so we're opposite in body shape. i carry all my weight in my hips, butt, thighs etc. i don't know if its a blessing or a curse :huh::D i mean love my shape. i don't want to be a stick. so even when i reach my goal weight my bottom half will still be big but that doesn't bother me as long as i look good in whatever i wear :D

so i found this one website that measured body fat and such. here's my calculations:

Your body fat percentage=> 28.8%

Your lean weight is => 182.3lbs

You have 73.7% of fat on your body

Great I have 74 lbs of fat on my body... <_<

My body fat % is in the average range but the ideal range which "indicates a good level of fitness" is 21-24%


okay now i just went to this website:


Home Body Fat Test

Your Results

You have 33.8% body fat.

You have 86.5 Pounds of fat and 169.5 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).


ok i have between 74 and 87lbs of fat on my body that needs to be gone!!! i can't wait to lose all this weight. seriously i'm over being fat!


so sometimes i go around to different websites and read how people are losing weight. Just getting tips for eating habits and exercise.i came upon a girl's journal where she had posted pictures of her after 4 months of "working out/eating healthy" pictures. she looked fabulous, but that's because she was never "fat" she's one of those girls that are skinny but don't tone. There were tons of comments asking what she did to look like that. one commenter asked her how to eat healthy because its seems to be the hardest thing for her to do. then the girl replied that eating healthy was the easiest part of being healthy. i laughed when i read this comment because if it was i wouldn't be fat....or maybe i'm just stubborn?? anyway so she tells her all these good eating habits to do like not eat anything processed and stay away from refined sugars, which is really good advice because i've been told these many many times. but after reading it from this girl, that's my age and seeing how easy she made it seem gave me a confidence boost to just do it. if its easy for her then it could be easy for me! well thats my mentality at least, it does help because i did lose 64lbs and kept it off now! hooray! now only if the next 65lbs could come off faster that would be EXCELLENT! sometimes i get discouraged because of all the weight i have to lose compared to others who only have 50 or less lbs to lose. i'm like omg that's nothing compared to a human being i have to lose!!! you just have to get rid of a 6 year old. hahaa but i guess trying to lose weight is always going to be hard so hooray for everybody on the same journey!


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