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Is it even worth it,



So, tomorrow we are supposed to go and sign for the loan that we did get approved for. The one that only covers half of the procedure. And the plan was that, we were going to set that in savings and continue to save for the other half with our own money.

My question is, is it even worth it to get this loan, when all the while that we're trying to save up the remaining part of the money, I will be making payments already on a loan that isn't being used. And in fact, will most likey not even be able to save money because all extra money will be going to the loan payment. So in all reality, it doesn't make sense.

So really, I've just answered my own question...

I'm back at square one. :(


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Try to do things to boost your income such as a 2nd job, babysitting, avon or something. It will be worth it in the end and keep your mind off things. I had to save for two years without getting a loan and it was difficult; however I just kept envisioning a thinner me and a better life. Hang in there and do not give up.

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Well, as we were in there signing for the loan, even the consultants were on my side, regarding not getting it now and waiting. So needless to say...I'm at ground zero again. And payday was last friday...did we save anything...no! I knew it would end up like this.

I really do appriciate your advice, but I think this is just it.

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Don't give up. You know you can get a loan for at least half now, get out there and make the other half. I agree that you should not take the loan now. If you take it and put it in a savings account you will never make in interest what you pay on the loan therefor you would be losing money. Know that you can get that loan the next time you are ready to go for it. Don't give up on yourself. Right now places will be hiring part time for the Christmas season. When I was younger I worked the season at Macy's. I am a teacher and we don't make a lot so I always had extra jobs. If you want it you can do it. Hang in there. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!

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Have you checked into whether or not a HSA account would be usable for the surgery. If so, I would suggest you do an auto deposit into a HSA account of even a small pretax amount. It is amazing how fast that might add up. $20. a paycheck would be a good start and as it is pre tax dollars you are "cheating" the government on their share. Also, when I opened my ING on line account they gave me a $50 bonus for opening, look on line for offers similar to that to double your starting $ Just random thoughts but keep on trying.

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