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little secrets



why do i have 2 blogs? and how do you change the dates on some of these blogs they are out of order..anyway it took all my strength to not weigh myself this morning. I just want to see if I lost some more weight because i'm feeling EXCELLENT! but i know i need to just wait it out till sunday at my normal weigh in time and then i will feel even better about my success! i just hate not knowing and waiting and waiting and waiting :wacko:

hahaha i re-read some of my old blogs and couldn't believe the journey i've been on. the things that people said to me to try to ruin my success and the things i've done to ruin my own success. it really is like a vicious cycle :blink: i've been looking at old photos of myself and i'm just shocked like shocked..terrible..i never want to go back there ever! makes me even more determined then before.

think gio is using his little sister's phone to talk to me pretending it's his sister when its really him. yeah up to his old tricks again, too bad i fall for it each time..eh..


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