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thxgiving eve!



going to my first thxgiving eve dinner...i am hungry but i know to watch myself. worked too hard need to work harder if i want to be goal weight by summer.

i totally forgot but when i was in the mall the other day a model agent came up to me and wanted me to model for them she exchanged info with me. i only remembered because they called me. i don't think i want to do it. i don't know why probably because i don't feel confident enough for that type of exposure.

just wanted to say that I appreciate getting older and "wiser." Wiser means you slowly stop doing stupid sh** you know everyone will talk behind your back about. Half joking about that; wiser means growing from your mistakes by being patient & forgiving, guess it sets you up to be a good mommy/daddy. Or a good person in general. with that said & it being thxgiving eve, I'm thankful for getting older&wiser +my family&friends who got me here xo


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