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tonight i'm loving you



my mom asked me how i lost 9lbs in a week and i told her you really want to know the secret?????? she was like yeah please tell me! i said you really really want to know???! she said yes yes please!..!!..??..!!! then i said veggies and fruits and lean protein. eat 2 servings of veggies and a fruit. she said everyday? i said before EVERY MEAL then she made a face and was like ugh. i was like well that's the secret mom its up to you if you want to lose weight or remain a chub chub. i explained to her the science of weight loss. having a diet based on veggies and fruits is the ultimate fast weight loss catalyst. Fruits and veggies take the body longer to digest thus making you feel full longer and are packed with fiber. it takes more calories to burn those foods then the calorie you take in from eating them. so in conclusion it's what they call the "negative calorie effect." i told her you have to eat them raw don't cook or juice them and she made that face once again. she said gosh it just involves so much chewing...then i made the face -_-

anyway i hope i can get back down to 185 quickly. i know i can do it. the other night me and jeri went out to eat and she wanted pho but i knew i shouldn't eat that because it's going to add extra lbs that would deter me from my weekly goal which would leave me frustrated. so instead i went with a light small appetizer it was the perfect choice. i'm really happy with the choices in food i've been making lately. i know the right choices but i always go against my better judgment, self sabotage :o but that's over ^_^ going to follow my better judgment from now on.


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