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hello! i'm feeling excellent! been on a super healthy working out going strong kind of high! i don't see myself stopping anytime soon. got into huge fight with gio but i'm done with him. he wants to go this time and guess what i'm not stopping him. nope not this time. there's no way this kid is going to bring me down this year. gave him 2 years of my life and he ruined every chance he got. my family hates him my friends hate him and he pretty much hates himself. not going to be his savior anymore, not going to be his crutch not going to be his punching bag. i deserve better and i FINALLY realize that. so happy i've gained my confidence back. you know the only reason i started drinking was because of him then i started drinking by myself because i didn't understand why he was so mean to me and all i did was love and care about him. i finally realized it's him not me with the problem! i'm done feeling guilt or sadness. he can go ruin and torture someone else. sick bastard can't believe i put up with his crap. well anyway that's the last time i talk about him.

life is going to be real good from now on :D been working out for almost 2 weeks 6/7x a day, eating healthy getting plenty of rest no stress. i've pretty much cut out any bs especially people. if anybody gives me a hard time i just tell it like it is and move on or away from the person/situation and i don't look back. i don't have time nor do they deserve my time.

planning a trip this summer with jeri to georgia to visit mario then road trip up to nyc to visit nico ^_^ can't wait for the summer. this is MY year for sure i already know this. nothing is going to stop me from being one sexy little kitten in a gold bikini because i'm number one lol

xo malinie


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