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One week till plication!



So, I have been on the pre op diet for the last three days and not enjoying it! I am so irritable and frankly wondering why the heck they make you do this anyway. I would like to be a pleasure to be around on the last week of spending with my precious kiddos, and I'm doing my best to hide my crabbiness, but only drinking liquid protein and eatings bags of broccoli is not fun. Clearly I have some food additions (I know duh) but I had no idea I would experience withdrawals like this.

My family is not keen on this entire surgery and it's quite unfortunate because it only adds to the stress. My feelings vacillate between fearing death on the table to fearing no weight loss after all of this. Anyway, I guess I'll always wonder if I don't give this a shot right?

My current weight before starting pre op diet was 198 and I was at 194 this morning. I hope I can make the 5% mark before the surgery, actually I hope I can make the whole nine days of no eating normal food! It sorta freaks me out that I won't even get to eat normally until three weeks after the surgery. I hate being over weight, it comes with so many issues.....

Well, until the surgery, ciao!


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