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hello! got my own place with my bestie jeri! we spent approximately 4 days looking at over a bajillion zillion areas and found some great places. found a beautiful condo 1300 sqft at a wonderful price in a safe quiet location in central vegas. i wanted to move out asap because my mother was being really shady about the whole moving out/ apartment looking thing. so she says her and fred are going to move to hawaii but i honestly believe its a bunch of bs. she said they were moving back in with fred's parents to save money before they moved in june to hawaii but i saw another lease signed for a different apartment complex..one bedroom one bath..surprise surprise huh...NOT. RUDE. but i don't care i'm a big girl. i am 25 years old i can handle my own business and i should. so i'm really not mad at my mom at all but i just think it's shady the way she handled it. she should have just told me directly and upfront. "hey malinie me and fred want/need our own space and i think it's best for you to find your own place. i will help you in anyway possible (financially if needed)." i mean is that so hard to say? jeez all i want is communication! if everybody could just communicate and say what they needed to say life would be so much better/easier. especially with relationships..

speaking of relationships i think i have a boyfriend. i'm not sure because he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend but we do everything boyfriend and girlfriends do. we talk everyday we go on dates we hang out every weekend. i know his dreams his hopes his reality. he's a good guy. really good guy. going to go to med school be a doctor. so smart. has two degrees. 27. cute. and when we kiss my heart stops for a second. but i don't know he might be too busy for me in the future. not saying i'm needy. i'm not. but i mean a girl wants romance needs a little attention right?... his name is kyle. kyle.. who knows maybe he's sleeping with other girls. i shouldn't care. should i? no. blah. until he asks i should continue to date other guys. it's only logical.

speaking of attention..kinda bummed about nico. he like went back to nyc and disappeared. he's probably super busy with his whole modeling career. of course a simply beautiful man probably has tons of women throwing themselves at him. well i refuse to be one of them! but gosh is he such a beautiful man... he's still in college though..accounting major. i think he wants to be a broker on wall street. he probably will be. he's so smart too. (SIGHhhh)

i need to start exercising again. i sorta stopped only because "life" got in the way. i mean i had to find my own place and i'm actually in the process of starting a career. like a legit career. no more "jobs." plus i've been so busy with packing and unpacking and decorating and undecorating lol. being an adult is hardwork. ha.

i'm alone tonight. jeri is with her boyfriend for the night at his place. i'm thinking of tearing my computer desk apart and painting it white to match the decor of my room. i've become really interested in decorating lately. just painted a trophy case i thrifted white and put all my books in it. it's so cute.


i'll post more pics of my room and the place updated soon when we get furniture lol

i dyed my hair blonde. gnite xo malinie



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You're cute, Malinie. I have a daughter your age and one a couple years older. Young women rock - so full of hopes & thoughts, & dreams. Good luck as you sail the seas of life. I hope you get it all!!!

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