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I'm back!



Hello everyone! It's been a long time and I have lots to say and get off my chest. So be warned lol

I'm going back to the OCC to get an unfill on May 14th. For the past year my band has become very uncomfortable. Coughing in the middle of the night because of food being stuck in my throat, developing pneumonia. I've been to the doctors and so sick with fevers because of my very bad eating habits. My band has become uncomfortably tight, my esophagus is inflamed, and some days its even hard to drink water :( it's been so wretchedly miserable.

On a personal note though Kyle is my boyfriend and has been for a year now. So needless to say the "happy couple" pounds piled on! I started taking birth control and my hormones were completely out of whack. I've gained 40lbs because of it and I'm not saying my eating habits were terrific by any means because they weren't. I went drinking every weekend and devoured fatty meals after the club then went home and slept. Giving my body no time to digest or work off those calories. I am definitely NOT surprised I've gained weight. While Kyle is 6 foot tall weighing in at 163lbs. He can eat anything he wants and not gain one pound! I started developing his mentality, completely forgetting that I have a weight problem. I just always wanted to be "normal" and not have to worry about things I ate and for a moment there thats exactly what i did. Unfortunately for me I probably should have stopped after the first 20lbs creeped on -____-

But guess what I am back to blogging and being healthy. I cut fast food out of my diet for 2 weeks now and have stopped eating processed foods. I'm sticking with lots of organic and whole foods. I have lost about 10lbs since. When I was on the birth control I would try to lose weight but the weight wouldn't come off. I was eating way less calories and exercising for an hour of vigorous aerobic. I would lose nothing. I knew the culprit was the birth control so I stopped taking them, but after i stopped taking the pills I still didn't change my eating habits so I remained at the same weight. Finally I have changed my eating habits and the weight seems to be melting off.

I've been eating 6 small meals a day totaling to about 1350 calories. I also utilize protein shakes as meal replacements if I don't have time to eat a meal. I drink lots of green tea and I may start to workout again just something for 30 minutes a day just to boost my metabolism even more. I really do enjoy eating healthy and organic. It always makes me feel better and that's the feeling I need to remember when temptation taunts. I'll be blogging a lot more since this is what helps me stay on track. There is an app on my iphone called, "my fitness pal," that I just absolutely don't know how I lived without! It has a bar code scanner so you scan your food and it gives you all the nutritional information for that product. So you can list it to your food diary and total up the calories you eat! How fast, easy, and amazing is that! This has helped me significantly in portion control since that's one of my biggest problems.

Until next time,

xo M


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